29th December 2015
Interesting Chinese dining etiquette



22nd December 2015
Parramatta Phoenix the best event venue for Father's Day

When it comes to choosing an event venue, what are the things that you would consider? Location? Food? Capacity? Audio-visual equipment? Parramatta Phoenix is located in Westfield Parramatta, which is within walking distance from bus stops and the train station.

For people who drive, Westfield Parramatta provides free parking for the first 3 hours! This convenient location will encourage people to attend your event as they do not have to worry about transportation. In terms of food wise, we always believe in serving the freshest and most delicious delicacies to our customers.

We have a wide variety of seafood live from the tank, including lobsters, Tasmanian king crab, snow crab, mud crab, coral trout and barramundi. What’s even nicer is that you can choose cooking methods to your likings. We also have specially designed banquet menus for you to choose from, and feel free to make any amendments.

Within Parramatta Phoenix, we have three venue spaces for you to choose from. Level 1 is capable to hold up to 500 people with great flexibility of converting the seating arrangements to your liking. Level 2 is a smaller and can be separated into smaller private rooms that in total can holds up to 150 people. Lastly, level 3 is a really private and exclusive space that is able to hold up to 300 people and separate entrance and exit facility for guests.

Within all the three levels, Parramatta Phoenix is fully equipped with high quality sound systems, projectors, projector screens, AV as well as complete audio-visual equipment. Parramatta Phoenix Chinese Restaurant is definitely the best choice for your big event, contact us for more information and specially designed banquet menus.

15th December 2015
Where to eat in Parramatta on Father's Day
8th December 2015
Why you should do something on Father’s Day in Parramatta
1st December 2015
Fun facts about Father's Day in Parramatta

Started in 1910, Father’s Day is a celebration of daddyhood inspired by Mother’s Day. Today, more than 50 countries around the world are celebrating it and you will be surprised by the dates they celebrate. It really varies in different countries.

In America, children and wives on average spend $100 every year on traditional gifts such as ties and tools, etc. Apart from that, rose and dandelions are given to fathers on the second Sunday of June as a form of appreciation.

Brazilians celebrates Father’s Day on the second Sunday of August by getting together for a barbecue, which is called churrascos. While in Germany, Father’s Day falls on the Christian holiday of Ascension Day, which is 39 days after Easter. This day is national holiday and since it falls on a Thursday, many Germans will take offs on Friday and have a short getaway vacation.

Taiwan celebrates Father’s Day on 8th August, because in mandarin, 8 is pronounced as “ba” which means father like papa. So on that day, many Taiwanese will buy gifts, send cards and/or bring their fathers out for a meal.

Thais celebrate Father’s Day on the 5th of December on the King’s birthday. On this day, it is more of paying respect to the king than fathers. A type of flowers called Canna is gave to father figures back in the days and now, Thais usually wear a colour that respresents the king on that day. It was yellow previously as it represents the date of the king’s birth but a few years back, but it was changed to pink instead after seen their king wear a rose-coloured jacket.

In Australia, how are you going to celebrate Father’s Day? Why not wear have a family dress code colour on that day, buy fathers roses and gifts, get together and bring them out for a good meal with a good bottle of wine? In Parramatta Phoenix, the best Chinese restaurant in Parramatta, we offer lunch (Yumcha) and dinner (Ala carte) with a wide variety of wines at affordable prices.