19th May 2015

Chinese New Year at a great function venue in Parramatta

To celebrate Chinese New Year we have created a special here at Parramatta Phoenix consists of four well known traditional Chinese New Year dishes.

The traditional dishes include Twice Cooked Pork Thigh that is deep fried then steamed. Accompanied by a special sauce of star anise, pork thigh stock and Chinese herbs, this dish is juicy, tender and delicious. 

The other traditional plates include a crispy radish cake with Chinese sausage and ham, a crunchy and mouth watering Chinese sausage Taro cake and finally a sweet steamed and fried chestnut cake.

These dishes are traditional to the festivities surrounding Chinese New Year as it is said that the Twice Cooked Pork brings wealth and prosperity to those who enjoy it!

To try these dishes or celebrate Chinese New Years visit us in the month of February.