27th October 2015

The best Parramatta yum cha restaurant for vegetarians

If you are a vegetarian and you are wondering where to eat, come to the best Chinese restaurant in Parramatta, Parramatta Phoenix. Being a vegetarian has heaps of benefits, however, it also means that you are losing out certain nutrients found in animals. But there doesn’t mean that you can’t get those nutrients from other non-animal food. Here are 8 types of foods that you should eat to stay healthy “meatless-ly”.

1) Be friends with tofu It contains a lot of protein, zinc and iron. Not only than, it has omega-3 fatty acids that will help to lower cholesterol levels and it contains some calcium as well as vitamin D. Do you know that vitamin D helps to absorb calcium? Therefore, they are like a coupe that should go hand in hand. Enriched soymilk also contains that “couple”! In our vegetarian menu: Mixed Vegetable with Red Persevered Bean Curd Sauce in Hot-Pot, Sweet & Sour Bean Curd, Deep fried Bean Curd with Salt and Chili, Vegetarian Bean curd Szechuan Style and Braised pan-fried Bean Curd with Vegetable.

2) Let them be your friends – Lentils & Beans Both lentils and beans are a good source of protein and soluble fiber that reduces cholesterol. Lentils contain twice as much iron as beans and are higher in vitamin Bs and folate. Folate is important for pregnant women as it reduces the risk for birth defects. Beans, on the other hand, also contain potassium, zinc, some calcium and many vitamin Bs. In our vegetarian menu: String Beans with Preserved Olive

3) You’ll never go nuts with nuts Nuts are rich in protein content. Certain type of nuts such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds and macadamias are high in zinc, vitamin E and even omega-3. For diet watchers, the good news is nuts are high in calories and eating them does not lead to weight gain! Woohoo! It is because nuts make you feel full and you won’t feel like eating other food. Different nuts provide you with different nutrients, e.g. a handful of almonds contains 4x more fiber as a handful of cashews but also cashews have 2x more iron and zinc than other nuts. Snatch the plate of peanuts!

4) Grains are gains Grains includes cereals, rice, while wheat breads and pastas. They are high in vitamin B, zinc and insoluble fiber that risks colon cancer and other digestive disorders. Vitamin B12 is usually the lacking vitamin in grains but fortified grain food are usually added with B12, iron and calcium giving the consumer more nutrients. In our vegetarian menu: Wide variety of rice and noodles to choose from!

5) Live well with leafy greens Dark leafy greens contain iron, which are great source of cancer-fighting antioxidants, high in folic acid and vitamin A. Some examples are spinach, broccoli, and kale. Vegetables will never go wrong because they are full of nutrients. In our vegetarian menu: Vegetable Deluxe with Bamboo Fungus, Braised two kinds of mushroom and vegetables, Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables, Chinese Broccoli in Oyster Sauce, Braised pan-fried Bean Curd with Vegetable and Mixed Vegetable with Red Persevered Bean Curd Sauce in Hot-Pot. Even if you are not a vegetarian, we serve a wide, wide variety of delicious tofu (beancurd), vegetables and grains for you to choose from in the a la carte menu.