29th September 2015

Time to indulge in Parramattas best Chinese restaurant

It’s April! Other than it’s Easter holidays coming soon, another exciting thing to take note of is, it’s Oyster Season in autumn. Are you keen on having nice and plump oysters with delightful saltiness with a nice clean as well as fresh aftertaste?

Parramatta’s best Chinese seafood restaurant, Parramatta Phoenix uses the fresh ingredients to prepare our dishes. We have steamed fresh oyster with Ginger and Shallot or fresh oysters cooked in port wine sauce to warm you up a little during this monsoon season. Other than that, if you want to have some healthy carbohydrates, why not try our steamed oysters with XO sauce and vermicelli?

Here are some interesting myths about oysters! Do you know that in the past, people used to only eat oysters in the months that contain the letter “R” in the spelling? That means months like April, September, October, etc. However, that “theory” is used during the days without refrigerators as oysters turn bad fast. Now, we can enjoy oyster all year round!