19th April 2016

Best Restaurant in Parramatta on the spread of Chinese food around the world

Did you know that the Chinese cuisine is one of the most widely spread cuisines across the world? It is a fact that many cannot argue against. It has reached almost all corners of the globe and Phoenix is proud to extend its culture to Australia, in trying to be the best restaurant in Parramatta.

Our Chinese restaurant in Zetland serves some encapsulating yum cha, which is a Cantonese cuisine. The worldwide spread of the Chinese cuisine was made possible from the diversification of the world in different countries. Due to China having many different styles of food from different parts of China such Sichuan, Shanghai, Northern and Southern China, it gives people a wide range of tastes making it easier for Chinese food to adapt into western culture.

Come on down to the best restaurant in Parramatta for some Chinese culture and delicious food. We are also available as a wedding venue in Parramatta, so if you have any wedding plans in mind feel free to contact us for more information.