5th April 2016

Jellyfish as a delicacy in Chinese cooking by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Food of the sea are popular for worldwide kings and commoners. The rest of the world enjoys delicacies such as trout, tuna and salmon, but not in China, these rarely make the dinner table or even to feasts, they prefer to cook up jellyfish. You have the ability to taste this exquisite delicacy from China at the best restaurant in Parramatta.

They say that the first jellyfish recipes originated from the Western Jin Dynasty, which lasted from 265 – 316 CE. Historians do not say much about them, only that the delicacy was preserved in wood ash and salt water. The only place that most Chinese delicacies would be available for you to try is at our seafood restaurant in Parramatta, Parramatta Phoenix.

In the present time, jellyfish is dried up and packed away in airtight packaging to keep fresh, but most chefs like to prepare to their own. When they are submerged into hot water they shrink to 1/10 of their original size. Jellyfish has the ability to be cooked with many different ingredients but is always best-served fresh and full of flavour.

Eating jellyfish is also a healthy option as it is mostly protein and water, making it a very lean source of amino acids with very few carbs involved. Jellyfish is not only eaten in China anymore as we have brought it to the best restaurant in Parramatta for you to indulge in.

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