2nd August 2016

The health benefits of seafood, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Research has shown that eating fresh fish and shellfish regularly is good for our bodies. The best restaurant in Parramatta will tell you about some of the health benefits seafood has and why we have fresh live fish and shellfish at our restaurant.

We know that millions of people rely on seafood as their main source of protein each and every day. So here are some health facts about seafood:

• It provides essential nutrients and is also known as being a natural source of vitamins. They include vitamin B and D, B-Complex vitamins such as (B1, B3, biotin and B12)
• Seafood promotes heart health, as its greatest benefit lies in its abundant source of Omega-3 fatty acids
• It is good for your joints as studies say that the omega-3 helps reduce symptoms of arthritis
• Helps maintain eyesight
• Boosts your brainpower due to the omega-3 fatty acids having the ability to boost cognitive functioning in aging women

They are just a few of the many benefits from eating seafood and that’s why at out seafood restaurant in Parramatta, we try to keep out seafood as fresh as possible.

Make a booking today at the best restaurant in Parramatta and enjoy some delicious seafood.