16th August 2016

Why some foods are consumed at Chinese weddings, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Chinese wedding banquets are mainly based around the meaning of some foods. The best restaurant in Parramatta will tell you what kinds of foods are served at Chinese weddings.

Some foods that are served at Chinese Weddings include:

• Lobster and Chicken – They represent yin and yang, chicken means phoenix and also represents the bride which is yin, while lobster means dragon who represents the groom and also yang
• Scallops – Scallop as a Chinese phrase means “raising or bring a child in your life” and is associated with the couple to have a baby soon
• Whole Duck – is the symbol of fidelity and represents peace, unity and completeness in marriage
• Noodles – symbolise longevity in the Chinese culture

They are just a few foods that should be apart of a Chinese wedding and we offer great wedding venues in Parramatta for you to celebrate such a wonderful day.

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