6th December 2016

The best restaurant in Parramatta explains the 12 Zodiac signs

The Chinese animal or Zodiac, is a repeating cycle of 12 years with each year being represented by a different animal and its attributes. The best restaurant in Parramatta will explain the Zodiacs for you.

Each animal has their own meaning that was given to it by ancient Chinese, the animals come in six harmonising pairs just like yin and yang.

The meaning of each animal is:

• Rat – Wisdom
• Ox – Industriousness
• Tiger – Valor
• Rabbit – Caution
• Dragon – Strength
• Snake – Flexibility
• Horse – Forging Ahead
• Goat – Unity
• Monkey – Changeability
• Rooster – Being Constant
• Dog – Fidelity
• Pig – Amiability

Even though our Phoenix Parramatta restaurant isn’t apart of the zodiacs, these animals plays a big role throughout the Chinese culture.

Be sure to visit the best restaurant in Parramatta over the holidays for some authentic Chinese food.