20th December 2016

The best restaurant in Parramatta gives you tips on what to eat if you are a vegetarian

As a vegetarian it can be quite difficult for you to get proper meals at certain restaurants, seeing as most dishes contain some form of meat. That’s why the best restaurant in Parramatta has some tips on what you should be eating if you’re vegetarian and visit our restaurant.

Some easy tips to get by as a vegetarian at yum cha:

• Tofu is your best friend at yum cha! It has the ability to be made into so many dishes while also being able to absorb any flavours you want it to!
• Lentils and beans are a good substitute! They are both a good source of fiber and protein. So be sure to keep a look out for them on our menu.
• We offer a constant supply or peanuts! So go nuts on the plate!
• Eat our grains! Look for the rice and noodle dishes on our menu.

Be sure to come to our Parramatta restaurant for a range of vegetarian options!

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