2nd February 2016

Best restaurant in Paramatta tells you everything about tea

No matter which Chinese restaurant, be it a dumpling bar or a fine dining place like Parramatta Phoenix, the first question the waiters will ask is probably “what tea would you like to have?” That is how important tea is in Chinese dining culture.

Chinese cuisine varies from countries to countries; same principle applies to teas too. Here are some tips for tea pairing: For instance, Jasmine tea is usually paired with strong dishes like lamb or green onion pancakes in northern China.

Next, oolong tea, there are a few levels of intensity to choose from – light, floral or dark. Oolong usually goes with dim sum dishes like fried spring rolls. Imagine the roastiness of the tea matching with the crisp breading around the fried spring rolls! Puer, sure you heard of it before, is tea that is aged over time to give it the distinct earthy aroma. It is really popular as can dispel grease in your system after a big meal. You can easily pair it with any fried or spicy food.

Now with all these Chinese tea tips, you are all set to start pairing your food with tea at the best Chinese restaurant in Parramatta – Parramatta Phoenix.