16th February 2016

Do you know the Mooncake Festival legend

Every time during this time of the year, if you happen to visit a Chinese restaurant, chances of them selling mooncakes are pretty high.

Mooncake Festival is one of the most widely celebrated Chinese festivals and when you asked about the origin of it, most people would mention the “Chang’e Legend”.

Once upon a time, there were 10 suns in the sky. The unbearable heat from them burnt the crops, dried up the waters and people were dying. One day, a hero named Hou Yi used his bows and arrows to shoot down nine suns, leaving one left for sufficient warmth and light. He saved everyone on Earth and the queen of heaven decided to give him a bottle of potion that could make one an immortal if he or she drinks it.

But the potion only works for one person. Hou Yi wanted to stay with his beautiful wife, Chang’e, so he did not drink it but told his wife to keep it for him. Hou Yi’s heroic act made him famous and a lot of men wanted to learn his archery skills from him. However, not all of Hou Yi’s students had good morality. Feng Meng had been planning to steal the potion. So one day he pretended to be ill and stayed at home instead of hunting with Hou Yi.

After Hou Yi left, Feng Meng went to his house and demanded for the potion from Chang’e. Chang’e knew that she couldn’t defeat Feng Meng, so she drank the potion before he snatched it away. The potion made her an immortal, she flew higher and higher until the moon. After Hou Yi found out about it, he was grieving everyday and one night, he saw a shadow on the moon that looked like his wife! He immediately took all food and prayed to her. From that day onwards, people pray to Chang’e for fortune and safety.

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