23rd February 2016

Learn about staple ingredients in Chinese cuisine at Parramatta Phoenix

Staple ingredients in different cuisines differ from one another. For example, tomato and cheese are probably the staple ingredients in Italian cuisine. What about the Chinese cuisine?

For flavouring and seasoning, garlic, spring onion/shallot, ginger and not forgetting chilli are the generally the most popular ingredients. The use of garlic in Chinese cuisine can be traced back to 5,000 years ago. Similarly to ginger, both ingredients have great medicinal properties and are widely used in many dishes.

Ginger and spring onions are a common combination in stir-fried and steamed dishes, for example, our “Oysters Steamed with Ginger and Shallot”. Spring onion is a popular ingredient in garnishing too.

Chilli – the flavour that some people might be fear of! Some dishes in the best Chinese restaurant in Parramatta that uses chilli are “Three Cup Chicken Hot Pot” and “Beef Fillet Szechuan Style”. Almost all the dishes in Parramatta Phoenix contain these staples, as it is what makes Chinese cuisine stand out for. Are you ready for some spicy?

Try our Szechuan style dishes for the extra zing! If you just want something mild, go with our “Crispy Skin Chicken with Garlic Flavour”, “Garlic King Prawns” and “Steamed Scallop and Beancurd with Garlic”.