9th February 2016

Parramatta Phoenix and Mooncakes

Mid-autumn Festival just passed but probably not the mooncake hype.

Mooncake festival aka mid-autumn festival is usually the time when everyone in the family gets together to eat mooncakes while watching the moon. The festival always falls on when it is a full moon.

Mooncakes is named after Chang’e, the moon goddess. It is pronounced “yue bing” in Chinese which literally just mean moon cake. They are considered as dessert of mid-autumn festival with sweet and dense fillings inside of a thin pastry skin usually.

They are eaten in small wedges and shared with family members with Chinese tea. Different brands of mooncakes have their own design for the packaging and the packaging are quite elaborated. Thus, making it as gifts to friends and family. The traditional types of fillings the lotus seed paste and sweet bean paste.

You can choose to buy the ones with or without egg yolk in the middle that symbolises a full moon. Mooncakes varies in different regions of China depending on the local eating and traditions. For example, the Ningbo-style mooncakes have a spicy and salty flavour. Modern flavours such as ice-cream mooncakes are very popular among young people and kids. There are even fruit-flavoured ones too! If you missed out on eating mooncakes this year, you still have next year!

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