12th January 2016

All about yum cha at Parramatta Phoenix Chinese Restaurant

Do you know how many types of dumplings are there in Chinese cuisine? They vary in shapes and sizes as well as cooking methods.

Chinese dumplings can be classified by a number of different categories. For example, pure wheat flour dough versus rice flour dough or tapioca starch. In this article, we are going to describe some dumplings that we serve here at the best Chinese restaurant, Parramatta Phoenix.

Boiled dumplings are the most common dumplings with fillings such as vegetable and pork, wrapped with wheat-based skin. Steamed dumplings are more delicate than boiled ones, as the skin is thinner.

The fillings range from pork and chives, to shrimp, cabbage, or any number of vegetables. “Har Gow” means steamed prawn dumpling. The wheat starch skin with tapioca gives it extra stretchiness and translucency. “Haam Sui Gok” is deep fried dumplings made from glutinous rice dough.

The skin is a little sweet and its crispy, but the fillings inside are usually salted. Commonly fillings include pork, mushroom with little dried shrimps. XLB, “xiao long bao” – the all-time favourite! It’s the type of steamed dumplings with gelatin-rich pork or crab and consists savoury broth inside the thin skin. “Sui Mai” is the open-topped steamed pork and/or shrimp dumplings that is often topped with fish roe or grated carrot.

“Wu Gok” is the fried taro dumplings. It is crispy on the outside, with taro fillings and pork fillings in the middle of the taro fillings. Are you feeling hungry now? It is yum cha time at Parramatta Phoenix!