5th January 2016

Chinese chopsticks etiquette at Parramatta Phoenix

Chopsticks were called “Zhu” back in the ancient days and ancestors invented them because it was tricky for them to use spoons to dip vegetables in the soup.

One of the most luxurious chopsticks that were ever made was during the Shang Dynasty as the king ordered his craftsmen to make chopsticks from elephants’ teeth.

Another random fact, chopsticks were invented way longer before kung fu was. So if you know what is kung fu, you should probably know how to use chopsticks properly too. Chopsticks should never stand upright in your bowl, as it is a gesture used to pay respect to deceased family members. Therefore, always place your chopsticks back on the chopsticks holder whenever not in use.

We totally understand how tempting it is to use your chopsticks as drumsticks, hitting around on the plates, bowls and cups. We guess almost all of us tried it when we were young but it actually considered bad manners to make noise with the chopsticks. Chopsticks are not easy utensils to use, so some people tend to use it as a spear by stabbing the piece of food that you have been fighting with your chopsticks.

Next time when you watch one of those movies by Jackie Chan, take note, even when he fights using chopsticks, it never go through the food but only around it. To signal that you are done with your meal, simply put your chopsticks across your bowl. I believe there are more chopsticks etiquette out there but let’s start with some basics first!