19th January 2016

Fish in Chinese culture at Parramatta

Fish plays an important role in the Chinese culture. It is like a lucky mascot. When you pronounce fish in Chinese, yu2, it sounds exactly the same as another word, which has a meaning of surplus.

Back in the days, on the eve of Chinese New Year, almost every Chinese family will prepare an entire fish as a compulsory dish. It is because it symbolises a fine desire of keeping lots of wealth in the coming new year. This tradition has been passed down from generations to generations, and even now fish is still a ‘must-have’ dish during important festivals and events in the Chinese culture.

Also, the Eight Diagram is made of two fishes, one (yin) black and one white (yang). While, the picture of the Ultimate is an octagon formed by 8 elements – sky, earth, wind, water, fire, thunder, mountain and lake. That made flowing water is an active object that can bring wealth to a family. Back in the days, wealthy family preferred houses with pools because of that reason, while now some Chinese families prefer keeping fishes in tanks.

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