19th July 2016

The different Chinese cuisines, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

The Chinese cuisine is so complex and different across the country, it really is amazing how people from the same country yet geographically are in different regions have their own food customs. The best restaurant in Parramatta is going to tell you about the different types of Chinese cuisines.

China has 8 main cuisines, with many sub cuisines within these and around them, they are:

1. Cantonese- Sweet and light
2. Sichuan- Hot and spicy
3. Jiangsu- Sweet and light
4. Zhejiang- Sweet and light
5. Fujian- Mild sweet and sour, using ingredients from the mountains
6. Hunan- Hot and spicy, with mild sourness
7. Anhui- Mild sweet and sour 8. Shandong- Salty and Crispy

This is a very brief description of what the main Chinese cuisines are like and at our Parramatta restaurant, you can try an assortment of these flavours in most of our dishes.

Make a booking today at the best restaurant in Parramatta and indulge in some beautiful culture.