21st June 2016

Facts about Shu Mai, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Shu Mai is a part of our Dim Sim platter at the best restaurant in Zetland. It is a type of traditional Chinese dumplings that are served as Dim Sims, here are some facts about Shu Mai.

• It is said to have originated from Inner Mongolia between the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty
• It was brought to Beijing by merchants from Shanxi, which caused its later widespread
• The fillings of this dish varied by season during the Qing Dynasty: garlic chives in spring, pumpkin in summer, crab meat in autumn and mixed seafood in winter
• Countries such as Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines all made their own variations of the dish
• Each province in China created their own variation to adapt it to their food culture

Shu Mai has become a well-developed dish over many years and you can try it today at our Phoenix Parramatta restaurant.

Make a booking today and enjoy a fun filled experience indulging in some yum cha at the best restaurant in Parramatta.