15th March 2016

Best Restaurant in Paramatta on Chinese Dining Customs

The Chinese culture is maybe one of the oldest cultures that is still strongly observed, amidst of many cultures in the world slowly disappearing. Even in the finest Chinese restaurant in Paramatta, Paramatta Phoenix observe Chinese culture for almost every part of our dining experience, and you may be surprised about the thought that is put in to make your dining experience great.

You may already notice this, but maybe you will not observe this during a yum cha in Paramatta, the Chinese dine communally, with many main course dishes being shared amongst many. Each person will approximately have one dish. Dishes can also be shared amongst many in a yum cha setting, however their portions are much smaller.

Furthermore, there are a lot of Chinese customs that restricts certain behaviours while using chopsticks. These behaviours include using chopsticks to point at things, waving it around, spearing food with them and spearing it into your bowl of rice, as they should be laid flat on top of the bowl. Wait for next week for more explanations on why these are prohibited, only from this seafood restaurant in Paramatta.

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