8th March 2016

Best Restaurant in Parramatta Remains Amongst Favourite Wedding Venues

Are you in the market looking for the perfect place to celebrate your special day that is your wedding day? To us, there are no other wedding venues in Parramatta more perfect than Parramatta Phoenix to celebrate the special occasion with your loved ones.

With 3 levels of floor space available, all of them cater different needs and different sizes of crowd. Level 1 takes up to 500 people, level 2 takes up to 150 people, while level 3 takes up to 300 people. With private dining rooms available that could take up to 12 people each, these small spaces are also fitting if you want to celebrate privately. Banquet menus are also available at this Chinese restaurant in Parramatta.

Loving the idea of celebrating your wedding with some of the best Chinese food in Parramatta? Contact us now for more info.