17th May 2016

The best Chinese delicacies to indulge, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Apart from those dishes that were mentioned in the previous articles, here are two more dishes to add on to your “must-eat” list, by the best restaurant in Parramatta!

One of the most popular dishes is the famous Peking Roasted Duck (北京烤鸭)! Yes, it originated from Beijing, China and is well liked by the world. Do you know that it is considered as one of China’s national dishes?

In the best Parramatta Chinese restaurant, Parramatta Phoenix, a Peking Duck dish can be served as two courses, with pancake and as “Sang Choy Bau”.

Peking Roasted Duck is tasty for its thin and crispy skin in a pleasant brown roasted shade. The sliced Peking duck is usually wrapped in pancakes, with a piece of cucumber and spring onion as well as sweet bean sauce. “Sang Choy Bau” is a lettuce wrap with stir-fried duck meat and other vegetables in it.

Spring Rolls (春å·) are a famous yumcha food! It is pancake wrapped with different fillings and deep fried. At the best restaurant in Parramatta, we have spring rolls and vegetarian spring rolls that are perfectly fried to golden brown. Munch on it next time you visit us for yum cha or dinner!