10th May 2016

The best Chinese restaurant in Parramatta tells you what are bad table manners

Chinese cuisine has become a part of everyone’s life. Most of us should be able to name at least 5 Chinese dishes. But how many of us are actually aware of the Chinese table manners? There are a lot of meanings behind almost every element of the Chinese culture. So today, we will discuss about in terms of Chinese culture, what we should not do when dining.

The main utensil in Chinese culture is the chopstick and since it is an eating tool, do not use it for other purposes like play drums on the table etc. It is also rude and unsightly to suck sauce off the ends of the chopsticks at any point of the meal as well.

Also, chopsticks comes in a pair for picking food up, but not spearing, a lot of us are guilty of this. However, it is acceptable to use chopsticks to break larger chunks of food into smaller pieces. Avoid using chopsticks as pointers, it is rude to point at food or at anyone. Never use chopsticks as a digging tool to look for a ‘special’ piece of food.

In today’s society, we have gradually stop emphasising so much on these table manners, but it is always interesting to know a few here and there, or even learn to practice it. Ready for some practice session? Visit the best Chinese restaurant in Parramatta Phoenix today! We serve delicious delicacies and yummy yumcha everyday.