15th November 2016

The best restaurant in Parramatta explains what Har Gow is

Do you remember eating some crystal-like translucent dumplings while experiencing Yum Cha at the best restaurant in Parramatta? These are called ‘Har Gow’ in Cantonese, which loosely translates to prawn dumplings in English.

Did you know that this is one of the most ordered dishes during yum cha? Simply because it is delicious! There is no doubt that it originated from Guangzhou and it is said to be the one that the skill of a dim sum chef is most judged on, we believe that the chef at our Parramatta restaurant has the ability to make magnificent foods!

‘Har Gow’ usually comes in a pleated shape and should at least have 7 or preferable 10 pleated folds on its translucent skin. The skin has to be translucent and thin, while still strong enough to hold the fillings!

A little tip from us: Next time you’re having ‘Har Gow’ at our seafood restaurant in Parramatta be sure to ask our friendly staff for some red vinegar and dip for extra flavouring!

Make a booking today at the best restaurant in Parramatta and enjoy some divine yum cha!