18th October 2016

Chinese tea facts, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Tea is a beverage that has been brewing in China for thousands of years now and is most likely one of the most popular drinks across the country. The best restaurant in Parramatta has some insightful facts about tea that you might not know.

Our tea facts include:

• Tea was accidentally founded by the legendary Chinese ruler Shen Nong about 5000 years ago
• The planet’s most ancient grown tea tree is over 3,200 years old
• Before the Qin Dynasty, tea was used only for medicinal purposes
• Chinese teas are classified into five different groups, which are green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea and post-fermented tea. Each variation differs in the amount of fermentation
• China produces the most tea in the world and supplies roughly 30% of the world’s tea
• Tea started to be consumed at social events during the Tang Dynasty

These are just a few fun facts about tea that you might not have known from our Parramatta restaurant.

Feel free to join us on any social occasion at the best restaurant in Parramatta for dinner or yum cha and enjoy an old yet exquisite tea tradition!