11th October 2016

The 5 elements theory of cooking in China, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

The Chinese people say that the 5-energy field, also referred to as ‘Chi’, surrounds them. Seeing as Yin and Yang are the center of the Chinese culture, then the five elements should be treated at the corner stones. The best restaurant in Parramatta will briefly explain the 5 elements theory.

What are the five elements?

• Metal 金
• Wood 木
• Water æ°´
• Fire ç«
• Earth 土

How do these elements tie into the Chinese diet? Well Chinese herbalists believe that to properly treat a patient, you must know the state of the 5 elements with their body. A deficiency or excess amount can lead to illness, then each illness is fixed with the colour of the food that correlates to the illness.

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