9th August 2017

Chinese Tea Culture explain by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Within the Chinese culture one of the biggest influences and activity that is undergone at almost every dinner is tea drinking. Which is why the best restaurant in Parramatta wants to explain the basics of Chinese Tea Culture.

While the tea drinking culture at our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta is not like this, we still wanted to give you a brief rundown on how it fits in out culture:

• Drinking tea: tea is taken as a beverage to quench their thirst 
• Tasting tea: the quality of the tea is judged by the colour, flavour, taste, water and even the tea set 
• Tea art: is based around the environment, atmosphere, music, infusing techniques and the relationships formed 
• Tea lore: is the history of tea and the legends based around it, it is so highly renowned and used due to it being the spirit and makes light its own form

This is why tea in the Chinese culture is so highly valued and seen as very important. Don’t forget to try tea at our event venue in Parramatta on your next visit.

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