14th February 2017

All you need to know about dumplings, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

How much do you really know about dumplings? Do you know how many types of dumplings there are? Well there is no need to worry, because the best restaurant in Parramatta will tell you all about dumplings.

Did you know that Chinese dumplings can be classified by a number of different categories? For example, pure wheat flour dough versus rice flour dough or tapioca starch. We’ll go through some of these dumplings and don’t forget that you can always come in and try them for yourself at our Parramatta restaurant.

Boiled dumplings are the most common dumplings with fillings such as vegetable and pork, which are wrapped with a wheat-based skin.

Steamed dumplings are more delicate than boiled ones, as the skin is a lot thinner. The fillings range from pork and chives, to shrimp, cabbage, or any number of vegetables.

“Har Gow” means steamed prawn dumplings, with a wheat starch skin that has tapioca as it gives if the stretchiness and translucency that it needs.

“Sui Mai” is the open-topped steamed pork and or shrimp dumplings, which is often topped with fish roe or grated carrot.

“Wu Gok” are fried taro dumplings, which are crispy on the outside with taro and pork fillings on the inside.

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