21st February 2017

Everything you need to know about Mooncakes, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

We all know about the Mooncake festival, which is also known as the mid-autumn festival and is usually the time of the year when everyone gets together to eat mooncakes. The festival is always on a night that has a full moon, so let the best restaurant in Parramatta enlighten you with everything we know about mooncakes.

These cakes are considered a dessert of the mid-autumn festival with a sweet and dense filling inside a thin pastry skin. They are eaten in small wedges and shared with family members with Chinese tea. When the festival does come around, our Parramatta restaurant loves to celebrate it.

Family and friends like to gift mooncakes to people they care about. Since there are different brands of mooncakes, each one has their own design and packages that make it suitable for the perfect gift.

The traditional types of fillings for these cakes include lotus seed paste and sweet bean paste. You can choose to buy them with or without egg yolks in the middle that symbolises a full moon.

The modern flavours such as ice-cream mooncakes are very popular amongst young adults and children, there are even fruit flavoured ones too!

Be sure to make a booking at the best restaurant in Parramatta, for an authentic taste of China!