20th June 2017

The 3 basic cooking techniques for Chinese vegetables, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Chinese vegetables are some of the most flavoursome across the globe and knowing the basic ways to bring out the most of each one is essential. The best restaurant in Parramatta will tell you which 3 basic cooking techniques that are perfect for cooking Chinese vegetables.

The most popular Chinese vegetables that get eaten are:

• Gal Lan (Chinese Broccoli) 
• Choy Sum 
• Bok Choy

The best cooking techniques are:

• Stir-Frying – this allows for an intense flavour to come from the vegetables and is an opportunity for you to turn it into any dish you want by adding your aromatics and even minced meats 
• Blanching with oyster sauce – seeing how oyster sauce has a very strong flavour, it is wise to use this method on the Bok Choy and Chinese Broccoli. So you’re going to want to boil the vegetables just past al dente, then drain the water very well, once they are dried add your oyster sauce and season with a touch of garlic. The next time you’re at our Parramatta restaurant be sure to try our Chinese Broccoli with oyster sauce! 
• In a broth – to put it simply, just put these wonderful vegetables in a soup of your choice and the flavours will be amazing

We hope that you can replicate some of these dishes at home now that you have the inspiration. So be sure to make a booking at the best restaurant in Parramatta for lunch or dinner, we’re open 7 days a week!