9th November 2017

Brewing loose tea, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Did you know that brewing the perfect cup of tea from loose tea leaves is quite simple. The best restaurant in Parramatta wants to make sure that people know that there is no right or wrong way for you to make tea.

Here at our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta we want to tell you how to brew loose tea our way:

• First thing is first, start with the freshest water available to you
• Now you’ll want to preheat the teapot prior to pouring the boiling water and tea into it. This way the hot teapot allows for the water to maintain its heat, proceed to do the same with the cups
• You’ll want to measure to appropriate amount of tea leaves, now this is dependent on how strong or weak you want the flavours in your tea. For a consistent flavour, you should have roughly 3 grams of tea to 1 cup of water
• Once your water is boiled, be sure to combine both parts in the teapot
• How long should the tea sit you might ask? Here is an estimated guide:

o Japanese Green Teas: 1-2 minutes
o Chinese Green Teas: 2-3 minutes
o White Teas: 2-5 minutes
o Green Oolong Teas: 2-3 minutes
o Dark Oolong Teas: 3-5 minutes
o Black Teas: 3-5 minutes
o Herbal Infusions: 5-10 minutes

After that process, your tea should be ready to drink, so enjoy! Always remember that you get tea with your yum cha or dinner every time you come and visit our seafood restaurant in Parramatta.

The best restaurant in Parramatta is open 7 days a week, so be sure to make a booking.