16th November 2017

Chinese food and Australia, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Do you sometimes wonder what kind of reputation a certain type of food has gained over the years and if it has had the ability to form strong relationships with people just from its sheer taste. That is why the best restaurant in Parramatta wants to tell you about Chinese food and Australia.

Here is the Chinese food identity in Australia by our Parramatta restaurant:

• Chinese food was first introduced into Australia approximately 1850-1860 
• Over one third of the cooks in Australia were Chinese by 1890 
• Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines in Australia 
• Chinese food is apart of the Australian culture as you will see that almost every household will own a wok or a steamer 
• Chinese dishes are apart of the Australian diet

It’s a nice feeling knowing that our seafood restaurant in Parramatta has had such an amazing impact on some of the young people who want to come and enjoy some delicious Chinese food, which stems from our culture.

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