12th October 2017

Interesting facts about Chinese tea, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Chinese tea is such a huge part of the Chinese culture, which also ties into all of the health benefits involved with drinking it. That is why the best restaurant in Parramatta wants to talk to you about Chinese tea.

Here are some interesting facts that our restaurant venue in Parramatta found out about Chinese tea:

• Tea has over 3,000 years of history in China 
• Tea is the second most consumed beverage in China 
• It was first used as medicine 
• Did you know that tea is China’s oldest exported and consumer product 
• Tea grows differently all over the country 
• Serving tea to an elder is seen as a great sign of respect 
• The Chinese people that the right tea set adds to the quality of the tea

With all of this in the air, be sure to go and try some of the best Chinese tea right here at our Parramatta Chinese restaurant.

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