10th August 2018

Different types of wonton noodles and how to cook them, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

There are many different types of egg noodles available in Chinese supermarkets, with wonton noodles being one of them. The best restaurant in Parramatta uses egg noodles, especially wonton noodles, in most of their famous noodle dishes.

The two main types of wonton noodles are thin and wide noodles. The thin kind are most commonly found in wonton noodle soup. In dishes where the broth is light and delicate, thin noodles work the best. Our Parramatta restaurant love using thin wonton noodles in simple dishes with ginger or oyster sauce, in which the noodles are boiled, drained and then drizzled with sizzling oil. The wide wonton noodles are generally used in beef noodle soup or with heavier and oiler dishes.

Wonton noodles are fairly simple to prepare; however, they can easily be overcooked, so our yum cha in Parramatta have to ensure they maintain a nice springy texture when they are served. When the noodles are boiling in a pot of salted water, it is important to stir them vigorously as they have a tendency to stick together. Also, if you are serving them in a hot soup, running cold water over the noodles before soaking them in the soup will limit any further cooking.

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