16th August 2018

Must have dishes at our yum cha in Parramatta

Rather than ordering from a menu list, yum cha allows you to choose from a range of authentic Asian dishes that are pushed around to you on different trolleys. Perfect for morning or afternoon tea, our yum cha in Parramatta offers you amazing sweet and savoury meals that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

One of our favourite dishes at the best restaurant in Parramatta are our prawn dumplings. This is the most popular dished served at our restaurant and consists of prawns wrapped inside a soft transparent layer made of starch. These are cooked to perfection when the skin is thin but doesn’t easily fall apart.

Loved by many at our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta, our taro dumplings are deliciously light, fluffy and crispy. Consisting of minced pork inside an outer shell made from a thick layer of taro, this dish is deep fried and a perfect option for those new to yum cha.

Finally, you can’t come to our restaurant venue in Parramatta without trying our famous rice noodle rolls. This dish is made from a strip of rice noodle filled with different ingredients and then rolled up for serving. Some customers dip their rice noodle in sweet soy sauce while others pour the sauce all over the dish.

To try our popular dishes at our yum cha in Parramatta, make sure you contact us today!