30th August 2018

Our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta identify some of the spicy cuisines in China

There are many different styles of cooking that we practice at our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta. These styles of cooking originate from different regions in China and use different types of ingredients to give that specific cuisine a distinct style and taste. Here are some of our favourite Chinese cuisines to cook:

Sichuan Cuisine
The Province of Sichuan produce the most widely served cuisines in China. Our Parramatta Chinese restaurant love this cuisine for it’s hot-spicy taste and the delicious flavour of the Sichuan peppercorn, which is hard to find in other Chinese cuisines. A lot of ginger, garlic, chilli and peanuts is used in this type of cuisine.

Hunan Cuisine
Even hotter than Sichuan food, Hunan Cuisine is known to have an even spicier taste. The difference is that Hunan Cuisine does not use peppercorn that numbs the mouth. The Hunan region has a rich agricultural area that produces a variety of vegetables and herbs that are mixed to create a tasty dish. Definitely one of the most delicious cuisines at the best restaurant in Parramatta.

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