24th December 2018

Different types of exotic Asian fruits, explained to you by the best restaurant in Parramatta

In China, there are many different types of exotic fruits, that when bought in season are absolutely delicious. These exotic fruits are served across all markets and restaurants in China and the best restaurant in Parramatta have created a list of these fruits for you to try at home.

Loved by the chefs at our Parramatta Chinese restaurant, dragonfruit is a delicious fruit, literally dripping with juices. It is usually pink and green, and grown on cactus-like trees. To eat it all you have to do is softly peel off the pink skin and cut it into quarters.

Coconuts in China are green and much larger than other coconuts sold in non-palm tree countries. The brown outer shell that you are used to seeing is actually the inside shell, as there is a greener outer shell that is usually removed before the coconuts are exported. Our Yum Cha in Parramatta know for a fact that the juice is sweeter in the flesh of coconuts that are over six months old.

Also known as ‘hairy fruit’, this fruit grows on large trees and the colour of its skin is pink with green hairs. Our restaurant venues in Parramatta love the milky-transparent insides of this fruit and since they are so small you won’t need any cutlery to eat them.

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