17th December 2018

The legend of the Chinese Phoenix, explained by our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta

Said to be the king of all birds, the chefs at our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta describe the Chinese Phoenix as an animal with the head of a peacock, body of a swan and wings of a golden cockerel. This Phoenix is believed to be the messenger of hope and happiness and it appears on historical objects dating back thousands of years, all the way to the very beginning of Chinese culture.

As the original Phoenix incorporates the notions of a male and female bird, our Parramatta Chinese restaurant believe it is the symbol of unity. It is often depicted next to a dragon, which is the symbol for masculinity, meaning together they form a strong masculine and feminine bond. The phoenix can also represent female virtues such as charm and beauty, which is why our Asian wedding venue in Parramatta see many brides wearing dresses decorated with an image of a phoenix.

Also, in Chinese culture, if a family were to have a set of boy-girl twins, they are seen as greatly blessed. These twins are known as dragon-phoenix twins and are seen to be the simple of justice, graciousness and kindness.

Come share the kindness and graciousness of the Chinese Phoenix by booking a table and enjoying the food at our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta.