21st February 2018

The best restaurant in Parramatta talks about unique desserts to try when in Shanghai

When you are traveling one thing that you do most, is try all of the unique foods that you don’t get the opportunity to eat when in your home country. So the best restaurant in Parramatta wants to talk about the unique desserts that you can encounter when in Shanghai.

Shanghai is considered to be a mega city, so with a mega city should come some mega foods that everyone will almost definitely like! Just like our a Chinese food in Parramatta, these desserts are filled with flavour:

• Egg custard tarts
• Shaved Ice (with almost any topping you could think of!)
• Sticky purple rice with coconut milk and mango
• Roasted grass jelly
• Almond tofu
• Red bean soup
• Sesame balls
• Milk pudding

One of the great things about Chinese desserts is that you’ll never get bored of the same things because there is such a diverse range that you’ll be constantly eating! When you think of it, it is quite similar to our yum cha in Parramatta you just don’t stop eating.

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