24th January 2018

China's top food cities, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Are you a foodie looking for new places to travel around the world in search of some of the best food? Well the best restaurant in Parramatta has narrowed down China’s top food cities for you to go visit.

We’re going to send your taste buds on a journey, which will change the way you see food forever. From the best Chinese food in Parramatta to the best in China, here are the top food cities:

• Hong Kong 
• Beijing 
• Chengdu 
• Turpan 
• Xiamen 
• Guangzhou 
• Macau 
• Xi’an

If your traveling to China, these are the must go cities to indulge in. They offer a wide range of flavours for you to explore and blog about. You’ll be coming back to our yum cha restaurant in Parramatta, wanting to eat all of the exquisite foods.

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