31st January 2018

Chinese dining seating arrangements explained by the best restaurant in Parramatta

When you are invited to a Chinese banquet/dinner, it is vital to be aware of the seating arrangements that are in place and have important meaning. Which is why the best restaurant in Parramatta wants to explain dining seating arrangements.

Our Parramatta Chinese restaurant will go into some detail on the seating arrangements at a banquet:

• Seat of honour – is reserved for the master of the banquet, normally the host who invited everyone out to dinner 
• Round tables – the set facing the door is normally the seat of honour, with each respective seat next it in order of importance 
• In grand banquets, the table of honour is the one which is furthest from the door

Chinese banquets really are a depiction of the societal hierarchy in which people still live in, which needs to be respected if you visit their country. That is why our seafood restaurant in Parramatta ensures that you are knowledgeable and ready for anything.

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