11th January 2018

Chinese super foods, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Every country has their own version of super foods that they like to promote and eat in order for gain the natural benefits. So the best restaurant in Parramatta will tell you what some of China’s super foods are.

Natural health tonics and remedies in China are extremely popular, especially when it comes to herbal medicine. The Chinese try to avoid western medicine for all the bad side effects they have, our Parramatta Chinese restaurant will go through some of China’s super foods:

• Jujube Dates - 红枣 
• Goji Berries - 宁夏枸杞 
• Bok Choy - 小白菜 
• Bitter Melon - 苦瓜 
• Green Tea - 绿茶

So there you have some of China’s super foods that get eaten almost everyday due to the added vitamins and nutrients along with hidden healing properties inside them. Be sure to try some of these foods at our seafood restaurant in Parramatta.

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