18th January 2018

Essential Chinese ingredients you must have in your kitchen, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Whether you are Chinese or not, there are some essential ingredients that everyone needs to have in their kitchen to amplify the flavours of their dishes. The best restaurant in Parramatta will tell you what these are.

Chinese ingredients are said to be full of flavour and is only known by those who have tried them, which is why our Parramatta Chinese restaurant wants you to have these in your pantry:

• Oyster Sauce 
• Chilli Sauce 
• Dried Chilli Flakes 
• Egg Noodles 
• Five Spice Powder 
• Jasmine Rice 
• Peanut Oil 
• Shoaxing Rice Wine
• Sesame Oil 
• Soy Sauce

Core ingredients that any kitchen should have to make all your dishes full of flavour, did you know that Chinese food is full of health benefits too? Be sure to check out last weeks article and see what our seafood restaurant in Parramatta said about all the healthy food our cuisine has to offer.

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