3rd July 2018

Boiled dumplings and their diverse flavour combinations, by our restaurant venue in Parramatta

Boiled dumplings offer dumpling lovers a complete new texture and flavour to their taste buds. Savoury and sweet combinations are available when ordering boiled dumplings, where fruits, vegetables or meats can be used to create multiple different types of servings. Our restaurant venue in Parramatta recommends the following dumplings:

These dumplings are crescent shaped and usually filled with meats or vegetables. They use flour and water dough that is thicker than wonton wrappers. If you are interested in more extravagant ingredients, chefs at the best restaurant in Parramatta enjoy filling these dumplings with shrimp or even winter melon.

Tang Yuan
For all those dumpling enthusiasts with a sweet tooth, these dumplings are for you! Usually filled with red bean, peanut and black sesame, these dumplings can get very sweet. Wherever you are in the world, these dumplings can be adapted to local tastes. Our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta enjoy eating these dumplings with either a filling of mango or chocolate!

Qing Tuan
One of the healthiest dumplings available, Qing Tuan has a rich, green coloured appearance and are usually filled with green fruits or vegetables. These dumplings can be served as a savoury cuisine or can also be served for dessert as a sweet and healthy alternative.

For more boiled dumpling options, please contact and book a table at our restaurant venue in Parramatta.