9th July 2018

Chinese restaurant in Parramatta discuss their favourite types of fried dumplings

Pan-fried and deep-fried dumplings are very tasty appetisers in our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta. Although they may not be as healthy as steamed dumplings and are a bit heavier on the stomach, fried dumplings provide a different element to your taste pallet. Here are some of our favourite fried dumplings that only take a few minutes to cook;

Guo Tie
Traditionally filled with pork and cabbage or leak, these pan-fried dumplings are the alternative to Shui Jiao. Our Parramatta Chinese restaurant makes these dumplings with thicker skin, so they don’t break when they are being fried. In English, these dumplings are famously known as ‘Potstickers’ and are very popular amongst our customers.

Jiu Cai Bau
These dumplings are rounded and usually filled with peppery chives to provide a real distinct flavour. Our Yum Cha in Parramatta love the crispy texture of these dumplings, with the ingredients usually poking out of the top of this type of dumpling, making it visually appealing to the customer.

Fried Wonton
A fan favourite on international Chinese menus, deep-fried wontons are an appetiser that you must try. Customers at our Asian wedding venues in Parramatta love their fried wontons with a side of sweet and sour sauce to dip them in.

To try our fried dumplings, please contact and book a table at our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta.