23rd July 2018

The different types of Chinese vegetables, by our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta

Chinese people eat far more vegetables than people in the western hemisphere, with almost twice as much dietary fibre. Many of China’s fruits and vegetables you wouldn’t have seen before, so our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta want to describe to you some of their favourite and distinct Chinese vegetables.

Bok choy
One of China’s most famous vegetables is bok choy. For most of the dishes at the best restaurant in Parramatta, our chefs use the smaller, more tender specimens with fat, light green stems. The larger white bok choy however are more readily available in supermarkets and work great in salads. Both sizes are a perfect choice for a green stir-fried veggie dish.

Shepherd’s Purse
This vegetable is leafy green and eaten most commonly around Shanghai. Shepherd purse is a very popular filling for dumplings, won tons and steamed buns. Many Chinese people grow Shepherds purse in their backyard and even use it in porridges and soups.

Watercress is a mild tasting vegetable when cooked, however when eaten raw it can be very peppery. Chefs at our Yum Cha in Parramatta enjoy eating this vegetable as a side dish with either chicken or steak.

To try some of the different types of Chinese vegetables, please contact and make a booking at our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta.