5th June 2018

Our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta explains the most unique Chinese dishes

Chinese cuisine often has an interesting history, with a unique origin story matching the distinctive dish. Our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta wants you to be aware of these dishes for the next time you travel to China!

1. Beggar's Chicken
A dish served in East China’s Zhejiang province, the chicken is served on a lotus leaf, making it taste fresher and less greasy. It’s origin dates back to a beggar in Hangzhou who had nothing but a knife and fire to cook a chicken, in which he used mud to wrap the chicken in. Our yum cha in Parramatta is happy to state that the modern cooking of beggars chicken has improved a lot, being more cleaner and technical.

2. Bamboo Rice
Bamboo rice is cooked in a section of fresh green bamboo and is normally cooked with pork. The best restaurant in Parramatta loves the fresh fragrance of the seared bamboo in their meal. It can be found in many places, especially where the Dai minority and Yao minority people reside.

3. Preserved Egg
Created by people in the Ming Dynasty, the unique egg product is of a shiny dark grey or black appearance with a snowflake pattern. Our restaurant venues in Parramatta have seen preserved eggs used in soup and minced pork congee dishes. There are claims that preserved egg is useful for curing hoarseness and dispelling the effects of alcohol.

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