12th June 2018

The best Chinese noodle cuisines, recommended by our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta

There are many different types of noodle cuisines that our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta has to offer. From thick to thin, or made with wheat, rice or mung bean flour, our noodles are loved by our customers and form some of the most traditional meals in the Chinese culture.

Chicken Chow Mein
A very popular dish at our private dining in Parramatta, this meal pairs noodles with chicken, alongside an assortment of vegetables including bok choy, red bull pepper and celery. These noodles are topped off with an amazing oyster flavoured sauce, making our customers return for more!

Classic Homemade Noodle Salad
This is a very famous dish during summertime in China, with its refreshing ingredients helping people regain their appetite during the heat. The chefs at our Parramatta Chinese restaurant love making this simple dish at home and it is so easy for you to make as well! This cold noodle salad is usually composed of julienned cucumber, carrot, mung bean sprout and boiled or steamed chicken breast.

Sichuan Noodles
A lot of customers at our restaurant venue in Parramatta are lovers of spicy food and are a fan of this dish. This cuisine consists of chicken, shrimp and hot chilli oil used to make a spicy sauce. The chicken is marinated in a soy sauce mixture and then stir fried with garlic and shrimp. The noodles and vegetables are then stir fried and the whole dish is simmered in the spicy sauce.

To try one of our Chinese noodle cuisines, please contact our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta today!