14th March 2018

The history of the famous Peking Duck dish, explained by chefs of the best Chinese food in Parramatta

Parramatta Phoenix is known for serving the best Chinese food in Parramatta, however did you know that it’s Peking Duck dish is one of the most historical cuisines in Chinese history?

The Peking Duck dish dates back over 700 years and links all the way back to the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. Every bite taken into our Peking Duck dish is like taking a bite into history, where it was once served to royalty in imperial courts. Traditionally, a small, black feathered duck was the bird of choice for the recipe, however the bird now used is of the Pekin Duck breed.

Today, the best Chinese restaurant in Parramatta pumps air under the skin of the duck, covers it in delicious spices and syrups, leaves it to dry overnight and then roasts it to perfection. There are two methods that have been used to roast the dish. The traditional method was called Menlu, in which a closed oven was used to cook the duck. In the 1800s a new method called Gualu was introduced, in which the birds were hung inside an open oven. Both methods are still used today to create the delicious roast duck dish.

Only the most authentic dishes are served at this Parramatta Chinese restaurant. The Peking Duck cuisine is as significant to Parramatta Phoenix as it is to Chinese history. Did you know that the dish even has its own museum in Beijing?

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