6th March 2018

Tips on packing dumplings for lunch, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Did you have dumplings the other day and now you just want to eat them constantly? Well the best restaurant in Parramatta has some tips on how to pack dumplings.

Here is what our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta wants you to know about taking dumplings for lunch:

• If you have pan fried the dumplings, be sure to let them cool down completely before putting them in containers otherwise they will sweat and loose all of their crunch
• Pack it with some rice or another condiment to prevent their smell from leaving the container
• Be sure to always seal the Tupperware tight for your travels
• Don’t forget to pack your sauces on the side as well!
• When heating up your dumplings, but a cup of water next to it to absorb a lot of the moisture

Simple little tricks that will make all of your co-workers jealous about your lunch! Serving up some of the best yum cha in Parramatta, we always see customers getting extra trays of food to take home. So they must be good right?

Be sure to make a booking at the best restaurant in Parramatta, we are open for lunch and dinner.